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Cahuita has a unique charm compare to other areas of Costa Rica. Most travellers are attracted to its magic, its Afrocaribbean gastronomy and its authentic history. The Caribbean coast is born with a mix of cultures from Talamanca natives, Afro-caribbeans, Latin Americans and Europeans.

Over the years its popularity has been growing due to its proximity to Puerto Viejo which is becoming one of the popular destinations in Costa Rica for its night life and many activities (surf, excursions, snorkeling, rafting, horse riding etc).

The area has a tremendous range of activities to enjoy:

> Surfing
> Kanopi
> Birds watching and Nature
> Diving and Snorkeling
> Rafting
> Horse Riding
> Animals Sanctuaries
> Indigenous Reserve
> And much more...

Not least of which is the jewel in the crown, Cahuita National Park. Its unrivalled vegetation and stunning beaches span 1100ha on land and an incredible 22500ha of marine area. There are no less than 240ha of coral reef which is one of the few in the world that continues to expand.


Located 10 minutes walk from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Cahuita National Park on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and nestled in lush tropical gardens, Lilan Nature is a very private and luxurious estate. We have several holiday rental villas with swimming pool and exclusive tennis court access.

Spread over 10000 m2 of plant life and flora, it's not unusual to awaken to the sounds of exotic birdlife including toucans, parrots and humming birds or to catch glimpses of various species of monkeys, frogs, iguanas, sloth and so much more...     
To know more and to discover more pictures, visit our instagram @lilannature.       

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